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Unused medications are creating a health & environmental hazard

- Fushing or throwing away medications has put our waterways and aquatic life at risk.
- Proper & safe disposal prevents theft and other misuse of medication.

Citizens are encouraged to drop off unused and expired medications. Medications will be placed in a secure container. All personal information will be kept confidential. You may also remove all personally identifiable information from medicine bottles or containers.

FACTS of Pet Waste in The City of Frederick

As the upcoming tourist season approaches, the City staff wants to remind everyone to help keep the neighborhood clean in regard to removal of pet waste. You should always carry a bag, shovel, or scoop when walking your pet. Remember bag stations are provided in public parks if you don’t have a bag. Please be reminded that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen adopted in the City Charter and Code Section 3-26.1 entitled “Removal of feces” as early as July 17, 1980, Ordinance G-80-14, with the latest revision as of April 20, 2006 under Ordinance G-06-13. Our City Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department manages the City’s Pet Waste Management Program. As part of the Program, the Parks and Recreation Department has purchased 17 waste stations to date and installed in five (5) different City public parks: 2 stations in Staley Park; 1 station in Carrollton Park; 3 stations in the Dog Park; 8 stations in the linear Carroll Creek Park and 3 stations in Baker Park.

In the City Charter section 3-26.1, fines are set at $25 for first offence, $50 for second offense and $75 for subsequent offenses. The City staff hopes that pride in your pet and your neighborhood go hand in hand and the City encourages the love of the pets in the parks and the downtown while maintaining a clean environment.

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