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Frederick, MD – January 6, 2016: The City of Frederick has been alerted to a suspicious incident involving water meter readings by unauthorized persons. It has been reported that individuals posing as City Water Meter technicians are visiting homes claiming to report issues with the water or water meters at the residence.

These individuals ARE NOT City Employees. City policy regarding water meter readings states that if there is a problem with the water meter the resident would be notified in one of the following ways:

  • The resident would receive an official door hanger from The City of Frederick which includes the water meter contact phone number of 301-600-1166.
  • City employees would visit the residence in official City Vehicles and produce the proper ID upon interaction with the occupant.

If you are approached by these individuals, do not allow them in your home, do not give out any personal information or credit card information. Call the Department of Public Works at 301-600-1440 or the non-emergency Frederick Police Department at 301-600-2101 immediately to report any suspicious activity.

Dispose of Holiday Cooking Grease Properly

The Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management is working to get out an important message just in time for the holiday cooking season: “Do not let a sewer backup ruin your holiday by pouring fats, oils and grease down your drain.”

Frederick County wastewater staff advise residents, restaurants and service organizations to never pour kitchen grease or oils down the drain because fats, oils and grease can clog sewer pipes, leading to basement back-ups and sewer overflows that can damage a home, business and the environment. They advise that the best way to dispose of these items is to pour cooled grease into a can (such as a soup can) and dispose of it in the trash once it has solidified.

Please see the press release for additional information.

Leaf Collection

The city of Frederick Department of Public Works will begin its annual leaf collection campaign on Oct. 26.

The collection campaign will run through Dec. 18. There will be at least four pickups in all areas of the city during that time, according to a recent statement from the city.

Residents can begin setting out leaves for pickup on Oct. 25. The city has asked that no leaves be raked into the street before then to avoid overloading the street sweepers. The final date for residents to set out leaves for collection will be Dec. 13.

Those who take advantage of the leaf collection services are encouraged to spray the piles down with water to prevent leaves from blowing away in high wind and to avoid parking on the street during collections, according to the release.

City residents may include leaves as part of the twice-monthly yard waste pickup, as long as they are stored in acceptable bags.

The City of Frederick’s Freecycle Roundup


LOVE YOUR EARTH! The City of Frederick’s next Freecycle Roundup will be held April 11th from 8am—2pm.

This event provides residents an opportunity to get rid of bulk items. Several non-profit organizations will be on hand to take item donations. All items must be less than 7 feet in length. Freecycle Roundup is offered to City of Frederick residents only. ID’s will be checked to verify proof of residency.

Details can be found HERE.

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